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Gas prices are impacting every American and even foreign countries. The oil Companies and Banks are taking in record profits and the public is
suffering. Let's do something about it. Boycotting the Oil Companies will
not work. We all need gas and petroleum products are in most of the products that we use. Let's boycott the economy for a few days in order that we may have a better economy for years to come. STOP SHOPPING. That is the answer. Do not buy cars, clothes, furniture, appliances, etc.. for about 10 days and demand that gas prices drop to $1.75 per gal. This price is at a level that the consumer has become accustomed to and clearly is a level at which the oil companies can make a fair profit based upon 2004 oil company profit statements. Let's organize for a better economy which will create a better work environment. For more information read an article titled "America, they are betting against you" at Prosperous10000.iblogs.com

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