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More Reasons to Boycott Exxon Mobil

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Given that I have been invited to participate in this blog, I try to do that - participate. :-D I was drawing a blank today so I simply goggled "Boycott Exxon" and saw what hits were returned. Lo and behold, I found this brief article over at The Huffington Post posted last Wednesday on the very subject of Exxon:

After sixteen years, ExxonMobil has still not compensated Alaska fishermen five billion dollars for damages caused by the eleven million gallons of crude oil dumped in Prince William Sound during the 1989 tanker spill.

ExxonMobil was ordered to pay the five billion dollars in a 1994 lawsuit. Since then, the company has been appealing the case in the Ninth Court Of Appeals.

More than 700 miles of coastline, used as the primary source of income for Alaska’s fishing and boating industries, were affected by the spill. Greenpeace sent out press releases yesterday to call on Exxon to compensate the fishermen.

ExxonMobil reported record high 75 per cent profit growth to almost ten billion dollars in the latest earnings quarter. ExxonMobil CEO, Lee Raymond, and other oil executives face questions on Capitol Hill today to explain high profits and suspicions of price gouging.

I certainly remember the environmental tragedy that ensued after that tanker spill. It was all so unrecoverable. It's disgraceful that Exxon has not stepped up to compensate those whom they have harmed.

As if we needed more reasons.

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